Django PWNED Passwords

django-pwned-passwords is a Django password validator that checks Troy Hunt’s PWNED Passwords API to see if a password has been involved in a major security breach before.

Note: This app currently sends a portion of a user’s hashed password to a third party. Before using this application, you should understand how that impacts you.


The full documentation is at


  • Django [1.9, 2.1]
  • Python 2.7, [3.5, 3.6, 3.7]


Install django-pwned-passwords:

pip install django-pwned-passwords

Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Add django-pwned-passwords’s PWNEDPasswordValidator:

        'NAME': 'django_pwned_passwords.password_validation.PWNEDPasswordValidator'


This password validator returns a ValidationError if the PWNED Passwords API detects the password in its data set. Note that the API is heavily rate-limited, so there is a timeout (PWNED_VALIDATOR_TIMEOUT).

If PWNED_VALIDATOR_FAIL_SAFE is True, anything besides an API-identified bad password will pass, including a timeout. If PWNED_VALIDATOR_FAIL_SAFE is False, anything besides a good password will fail and raise a ValidationError.


Setting Description Default
PWNED_VALIDATOR_TIMEOUT The timeout in seconds. The validator will not wait longer than this for a response from the API. 2
PWNED_VALIDATOR_FAIL_SAFE If the API fails to get a valid response, should we fail safe and allow the password through? True
PWNED_VALIDATOR_URL The URL for the API in a string format.{short_hash}
PWNED_VALIDATOR_ERROR The error message for an invalid password. "Your password was determined to have been involved in a major security breach."
PWNED_VALIDATOR_ERROR_FAIL The error message when the API fails. Note: this will only display if PWNED_VALIDATOR_FAIL_SAFE is False. "We could not validate the safety of this password. This does not mean the password is invalid. Please try again later."
PWNED_VALIDATOR_HELP_TEXT The help text for this password validator. "Your password must not have been detected in a major security breach."
PWNED_VALIDATOR_MINIMUM_BREACHES The minimum number of breaches needed to raise an error 1

Rate Limiting

Historically, requests to the API were rate limited. However, with the new k-anonymity model-based API, there are no such rate limits.

Running Tests

source <YOURVIRTUALENV>/bin/activate
(myenv) $ pip install tox
(myenv) $ tox


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